Bill Plaschke: well, nomuskles, if I tell you, then somebody will steal them!...but I had a real neat story I was going to write for the sunday paper, but I came down with the flu on saturday and couldn't do it, I was faced with an ethical I go to these subjects home and interview them while I am sick, and risking making them sick? I decided to stay home instead. but I'll do the interview today or tomorrow. watch for the story on wednesday.

thom: Mr. Plaschke: I noticed most of your questions last time were about sports -- I'd like to ask you some questions about a subject that you are more of an expert on -- yourself. I appreciate the way you write. Please don't be modest, how did your writing evolve and what do you value in the writing of others?

Administrator2: Hi chatters, if you've asked a question and haven't seen it appear yet, don't worry-- just trying to give Bill time to type rather then sending the questions all at once.

Bill Plaschke: hey thom...I just write like I talk...short sentences, short paragraphs, if you've heard me talk, you know I talk writing evolved in that I realized by doing stories as if you are sitting around a campfire telling tales, folks will listen.

yvesp: Hi Bill,

TaintMe: Bill, I know you travel all over the place, what was your favorite sports city to visit last year, and why?

Bill Plaschke: my favorite city is st. louis. great hospitality, and there's the best old-man bar in the world

josh: Speaking of East Coast Bias. Why dont the dodgers play the yankees ever? I would really love to see them beat the Yanks then the Mets in a 7 game series

Bill Plaschke: dodgers played yankees a couple of years ago, didn't they?...they will play them ever so often...but not this...both teams aren't getting to world series.

yvesp: Do you think, as I do, that the Lakers will win the NBA championship this year point blank?

am: Hi Bill, Who do you think is going to win the NBA this year?

mikeb: josh-know anything about baseball? American League-National League

Bill Plaschke: yvesp, lakers are NOT going to win it all. Celtics win it all.

freddy: Bill, have the suns ruined their offensive flow with Shaq, he is so limited.

mikeb: Bill-Cets will not get out of East-Bet lunch on it?

Mack: hey mike its called inter-league play

Bill Plaschke: freddy, suns were ruined BEFORE they got shaq. they took a wild shot in the dark because their season was already done anyway. their window is cloed. finished.

UCLA student: Hey Bill, at this moment right now, can you see UCLA beating the Trojans at the Rose Bowl this December given what has transpired with the coaching hires of Neuheisel and Chow?

yvesp: How dare you Bill?

Bill Plaschke: mikeb, you think celtics won't beat pistons?