Bill Plaschke: and mike, e-mail me at times about that lunch bet

mikeb: I will do so bill

Bill Plaschke: mack, rockets have only beaten two good teams during that hot stretch. they might win one round. one.

josh: Have you gotten the chance to sit down with Torre? Do you think he is a good fit for the team?

Bill Plaschke: josh, if torre is willing to put out the energy that he did in new york, he'll be great here.

Ali: Do you think there is too much hype for the Lakers with Pau, Bynum is not even back? I think chemistry will be the big indicator for the Lakers can handle the Spurs, Mavs, and Suns.

nomuskles: suggestion on the lunch bet: la bottega in santa monica. good italian food, not too expensive.

mikeb: Josh-they will play Yanks again in the regular inter league rotation in a couple of years but 3 games in middle of season mean nothing-too bad the Dodgers will not make WS in our lifetime

josh: Just as long as he doesnt pitch procter in every game like he did in NY. Im worried about his bullpen managment

Bill Plaschke: no, ali, I think lakers have chemsitry that comes from phil jackson...again, they will get to western conference finals. but not good enough to beat spurs yet.

Amir: Can the Lakers go deep without Bynum?

mikeb: As for his energy Joshdid you see him sleeping on the bench during games?

Bill Plaschke: mike, you saw torre sleeping on bench during games?

josh: Lasorda used to sleep on the bench also.

Bill Plaschke: I never saw torre sleeping.

mikeb: yeah Bill-I have the dish and am big Yankee fan so watch all their games and he would doze-check with Yes network they probably can get you tape

Bill Plaschke: you still there, taint?

paoiswow: Bill, you've railed the lakers and kobe in the past - have you finaaly gotten on the bus - they clearly have the potential to get to the finals - what'll it take?

mikeb: that sounds funny Bill-read that line

TaintMe: of course, I wouldn't miss this for the world.