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How to get your name on a Coke bottle
How to get your name on a Coke bottle

Want to see your name on a bottle of Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero? If you're someone who likes to see your name on stuff, Coca-Cola is taking product personalization to the next level.  For the first time, the beverage company has replaced the logo on some of its 20-ounce bottles with 250 of the most popular names among teens and millennials as part of a "Share a Coke" summer campaign.  Each bottle has the words "Share a Coke with" followed by someone's name. There are popular names, along with names such as Amir, Bree, JR, Makayla, Noor and Yesenia. You can search for your name and create a digital version of a personalized bottle at...