Andy Reid's exit is now imminent

Listen to Mike Patterson, the longest-tenured Eagle by virtue of being the first player drafted in 2005, right after their one and only Super Bowl appearance under Reid.

That 2005 season, which fell apart for a variety of reasons, most of them injuries, was the only one in Reid's tenure that can be compared to this.

"It was sort of like the same, in a way," Patterson said. "Everybody really wants to go out there and work hard and make something happen."

Patterson could not identify a common denominator from the '05 season, which might be the most convincing evidence of all that Reid's era is over. The Eagles came back to win a playoff game the very next season and went to their fifth conference championship game under Reid two seasons after that.

With this year's team, despite all the young talent that hasn't peaked, there is no hope for a bright future under the current staff.

"It's hard to say," Patterson replied, diplomatically. "We had a lot more players [then] and stuff like that. It was a different atmosphere, of course. But I can' really compare the two teams."

Sure sounds like he just did.

Patterson said after Sunday's debacle that he had no doubt this year's team will turn it around. That was him trying to be a leader.

In reality, this team has lost its way for good under a coach who, God bless him, has tried everything he could think of to make things right again.

But now it's reached the point where every new approach, whether it's a change in the basic fundamental line play or starting quarterback or defensive coordinators or anything else just makes the team worse.

Reid most recently coached Sunday's game like he was begging to be fired, recklessly endangering their most valuable player, LeSean McCoy, by leaving him in a hopeless contest until the bitter end, which came prematurely when McCoy was felled by a concussion.

Reid, whose mantra this season has been that he will always do what's best for the organization, did not do what was best for anyone — even himself — on Sunday.

Until he is gone, the bleeding will only continue.