TALLAHASSEE -- Good Monday morning, ladies and gentlemen. May it be a smooth and safe day for each of you. I know those of us in Florida are no longer dealing with Hurricane Sandy, but our many colleagues in the Northeast sure are. Be smart up there, my friends.

Here's to hoping the Northeast comes out of this rainpocalypse with very limited damage.


On the football field, the Florida State Seminoles have been doing their share of damage of late, getting back on a winning streak. After breezing through their first five games of the season, the Seminoles lost Game No. 6 to North Carolina State. In the three weeks since, they have rolled to three more victories.

At 8-1, FSU enters its long-awaited bye week, which officially began Sunday.

Now, this space normally is used each Monday morning to dissect the team the Seminoles are getting ready at the end of that particular week. We like to bring you a group of newspaper reporters to follow throughout the week, and we like to show you statistics and rankings for that opposing team. As part of the "Getting to Know" breakdown, we also like to highlight the opposing teams' key players to know.

In this bye week edition of the "Getting to Know" blog, we'll take a look at FSU in the national polls, as well as where the Seminoles stand in various key statistical categories. We'll also briefly highlight a few of the players who have been some of the biggest contributors to this 8-1 start.

Yes, this is an off week, but that doesn't mean its a week off on the Chopping Block.

Check these out:



The Seminoles are highly-ranked in multiple polls, including the BCS poll that came out Sunday night. Check out this list of poll rankings:

BCS (The one that matters for bowl placement): 9

USA Today Coaches (The major poll that matters for BCS): 7

Harris Interactive (Also factors into the BCS rankings): 7

Associated Press: 8

Computer (average rankings of computer polls; one ranked FSU 33rd): 21

--Four of the teams ranked ahead of FSU in the Coaches Poll play ranked opponents this weekend. Two of them, Alabama and LSU, play each other. With the Seminoles off this week, any losses above them could be at their advantage. They could benefit by climbing one, two or three spots next week.