UCF defensive lineman Jose Jose got back onto the field last week after sitting out the previous six games.

One factor may have been coaches' desire to get sleeker, faster linemen on the field against spread offenses. UTEP used a run-heavy approach last Saturday, as will Tulsa this week.

Knights coach George O’Leary said the main reason was that the junior had managed to get his weight under control.

“He got his weight down to 326 and if he’s a pound over that any one day he is back on the show field,” O’Leary said. “As I said earlier, every pizza joint within three miles calls him by his first name. He has to just watch his weight, it’s self-discipline more than anything else. You don’t like to send that message but sometimes you got to do what you think is right for him and the football team.”

And yes, it would be hard to determine whether the pizza places are calling him by his first or last name, in this instance.

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