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'Selma's' Ava DuVernay walks in King's footsteps

'Selma's' Ava DuVernay walks in King's footsteps

 When director Ava DuVernay was making her new film, "Selma," about the 1965 civil rights marches in Alabama, she found herself in an odd position: re-creating the charged events in the very locations where they took place.

To add to the surrealness, most of DuVernay's family lives in that part of the state, and some relatives even carry memories of those tumultuous times.

"My father grew up in Alabama and remembers the marches going by his family's farm," DuVernay said recently, taking a break from editing the film. "And as we're shooting, he's standing there, near the steps of the Capitol — the one that [Gov.] George Wallace didn't let the...

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