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Judge sentences 6 to prison in Sheriff's Department corruption probe


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The inside poop on Barcelona's pickpockets
The inside poop on Barcelona's pickpockets

 We were enjoying a stroll along this northern Spanish city's festive Rambla when our tour guide stopped in front of a vendor displaying an array of small painted figurines. "We have an unusual custom here in Barcelona," she said. "Every Christmas, we put a pooper in the creche." The "pooper" is the caganer, a Catalan folk-art personage dating back centuries. Caganers vary in size, but a traditional figure is a male, perhaps 2 inches tall, sporting a red cap. He is squatting, pants down, balanced over a spiraled brown cone of excrement. Even as excitement swirls over Jesus' birth, the pooper — made of clay, plastic, wood or ceramic...