Tim Mahoney
Letters to the editor

The issue of jobsRe “Talk at 10: Leno to get new NBC show,” Dec. 9It is great that Jay Leno gets to save his job by moving to 10 p.m. while hundreds of good-paying union jobs -- acting, writing and otherwise -- will be lost as more scripted television shows are eliminated. NBC executives are shortsighted on this job issue also.Greed is good ... if you are Leno or top brass at a network. As a Screen Actors Guild member, I hope the 10 p.m. Leno show falls fast in the ratings because of a lack of quality guests.William C. MitchellSun ValleySleepy-time TVRe “Talk at 10: Leno to get new NBC show,” Dec. 9 With his new starting time, Jay Leno will have the potential to pick up...