The Apocolypse

Review: It's hell on Earth in 'Rapture-Palooza'

Review: It's hell on Earth in 'Rapture-Palooza'

Don't believe the based-on-a-true-story opening disclaimer of Paul Middleditch's comedy "Rapture-Palooza." The Apocalypse hasn't happened — yet. But mankind could do worse than being lorded over by Craig Robinson's Antichrist, a swaggering sex fiend, Vin Diesel fan and former mayoral candidate of Boise, Idaho, who dresses like the second coming of Arsenio Hall.

With the plot already spoiled by the Book of Revelations, Chris Matheson's script focuses its energy on small, wickedly funny gags, half of which Robinson seems to have sputtered out as improv.

As our heroes, we have Lindsay (Anna Kendrick) and her boyfriend, Ben (John Francis Daley), two kids who weren't...

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