Loggerhead Sea Turtle (animal)
Movie review: 'Turtle: The Incredible Journey'
Movie review: 'Turtle: The Incredible Journey'

A solitary long-distance traveler with prehistoric cachet, the loggerhead turtle makes a compelling subject for a nature film, as the spectacularly shot, aptly named "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" demonstrates, if at times too feverishly.Director Nick Stringer has availed himself of up-to-the-minute technology and old-school storytelling -- the kind with just a touch of anthropomorphizing but, mercifully, no character names -- to capture the arc of the marine reptile's first 25 years. It's a migration from Florida to the North Atlantic, Africa, the Caribbean and back to the place of birth to lay eggs. The film is fact-packed and kid-friendly yet filled with danger; only one in 10,000...