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A blissful Easter brunch
A blissful Easter brunch

Come this way, up the garden steps and into a backyard where the patio is canopied by an old avocado tree. Take a seat in the mild yellow light of the resurgent sun, and fill a plate from a buffet of brunch dishes as spring-like as they are appetizing and fresh. Nibble a leek pancake wrapped around a crisp spear of asparagus, sip an herbal tisane, indulge in a chocolate-orange scone. Let the textures and aromas play over your senses -- here a creamy mouthful, there a vibrant touch of spice -- like flowers in a bouquet. Relax, and celebrate spring. For a few blissful hours, you have nothing else to do and nowhere else you'd rather be. Maybe it's Easter morning, although it...