"I was living at home in Hollywood, still in high school. I  was getting ready for school, and it was COOL. We have snow! So I head out to my car where I scoop up snow from the roof and threw it at my mom. We both had a good laugh that day. I moved away two years ago to the Midwest, where making a snowball is a part of life in winter." - Mike Cipoletto

"I remember being in 5th grade at North Lauderdale Elementary. They made an announcement over the PA that it was snowing and the teachers let us out of class to see it. It was crazy to see the little white flecks falling and all us kids running around trying to catch them in our mouths and on our clothes to see what they looked like, but once you touched them they would melt. The worst part about it was as soon as it started to slow down they made us go back to class, that was all anyone talked about for days!" - Mike Schatzberg Coral Springs

"My two siblings and I were having breakfast while our mom got ready for her job as a teacher at Delray Beach Elementary. We all went silent when we heard over WRMF that it was snowing at Palm Beach International. So we all ran outside only to find a few traces of snow on the car windshield. We begged our mom to let us stay home, but no luck. At the time we lived in Boynton Beach." - Kevin McConnell

"I was born in Fort Lauderdale in 1958.  I always complained to my parents that “I’ve never seen snow.” The furthest north I ever got was Atlanta.  After graduating high school, I decided to attend Boston University. I’d finally get my snow! That was September 1976. So I’m up there in 15 degrees and it SNOWs in FORT LAUDERDALE. - Mark Gross 

"The day it snowed it I was a 7 year old student at McNab Elementary in Pompano Beach.  On that day, all of the students were let out of class so that we could go outside and witness the snow to enjoy the moment." - Christian Parks

"I was in thirdgrade at Palmview Elementary School in Pompano Beach. We got to go outside and sorta kinda play in it." - Melissa Stallings-Lee, Pompano Beach

"I was in sixth grade at Saint Anthony School. We were returning to our classroom after mass. I had on a maroon striped sweater and still remember the snowflakes landing all over it. It was fun and exciting. Fun day." - Carolyn brunetti fuller  

"I was a freshman at Suncoast High School in Rivera Beach. I was waiting early in the morning at the bus stop, we had just built a fire in a garbage can, as it was pretty cold. The bus stop was across the street from a Seven-11. My best friend turns to me a says 'It's snowing.' I was like, 'Your crazy.' He said, 'Look at the lights, you can see the snow coming down.' I was like, OMG yes it is. It was amazing. When we got to school everyone was outside looking at this strange substance on the ground. I remember the newspaper the next day and all of the weather folks on TV wearing t-shirts about it snowing. I now live in Denver and it's still a big deal when I see the snow coming down. I will never forget that morning. It was just like it was yesterday!" - Steve Berman, Denver

 "I was a student at Teddy Elementary School in Pompano Beach.  My family moved down from New Jersey a couple of years earlier and I always missed the snow. Then on a cold winter day in Florida, the flurries began to fly and everyone in our class was excited. A like coat of snow was sticking (barely) on the grass and we could not wait to go outside and play. Our teacher looked at our faces and next thing you know an announcement over the intercom - Schools Out! We all ran outside and rolled around in the wet, snowy grass.  What a day." - Ron Fisher, Sleepy Hollow, NY

"I remember the day it snowed like it was yesterday. I can't believe it was 35 years ago. I was in first grade and I remember the teacher telling us that it was snowing and that we were going to go see it outside. I remember squealing with delight with my friends as we made plans to make snowmen and go sledding and have a snowball fight. We were just kids, and we dreamed big in those days. In the end, we weren't able to make a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight.  The snow melted before hitting the ground, but we tried our best to catch snowflakes on our tongues.  It's something I'll never forget." - Cheryl LaPalme, Hollywood

"Being a second generation Floridian I had never seen snow before, I had just eaten breakfast,  got my book bag and headed to the bus stop, I walked about 200 yards and realized the stuff that was floating around wasn't rain, so I ran back home and asked my father what snow looked like, he laughed and asked why I wanted to know, so I told him what I saw, he laughed again and said 'son have you lost your mind?' I said no! I really think it's snowing, so he gets up, opens the front door and starts laughing out loud, hugged me and said, 'Yeah son, thats snow al right.' I will never forget that day as long as I live." - Ken Howard, Delray Beach

"Having moved to Florida the Summer of 1966 from Indianapolis, it was quite a change for me weather-wise! I did not see snow for 10 years, until January 19, 1977. I remember it well, as it was snowing on my way to work in the morning, and before cell phones, I couldn’t wait to get to work to call my fiancé and wake him up to go see the snow! Although I was excited, he wanted to sleep, so asked me 'Is it deep enough to shovel?' Of course I replied no, and he said, 'Then I’m going back to sleep!' I was deflated that he was not as excited about it as I, but I ended up marrying him anyway!" - Patricia Vancheri, North Lauderdale

"I was 9 years old the day it snowed in South Florida. I lived in Pahokee. I awoke in the dark that morning to hear pounding on my front door. When we opened the door we saw friends who had driven from South Bay, FL to show us the snow. They were screaming 'It's snowing.' Of course we were in disbelief, as this could not be true. I went outside with my sister, Marcy, and my parents. The friends left their headlights on as it was still dark. We watched the snow fall in the light from the car headlights, and tried to catch as many snowflakes as we could." - Karen Ashton Justice, Weston

"I lived in Hollywood on Roosevelt Street, just off 27th avenue. I walked out to go to work at Memorial Hospital at 7:30 a.m. and there it was. I had not seen snow since I lived up North as a child. I called my girlfriend out, a Florida native who had never seen snow. We played around like little kids. Needless to say I was late for work that day." - Thomas P. Mayberry

"I was taking chemistry finals at Atlantic High School when it began to snow. The entire class stood up and ran outside. None of us had ever seen snow! It was only flurrying, but we didn't care.  It was snow!" - Jenny Howard Kelley, Tennessee

"Who could forget it!! I was working at the Corporate Offices of the New England Oyster House in Dania. Someone came running in the office and yelled, 'It's snowing outside!' Minutes later the entire staff was outside watching this memorable moment. Needless to say, when the boss arrived and found out that no coffee was made that morning and the usual morning routine was left undone, we all went back to work." - Donna Grinos

"It was morning and I was leaving for the office when I opened the front door I thought it was leaves or something floating down (big flakes) but it was snow. I called to my wife Kathy who was holding our baby son and said come here and tell me what this white stuff is. As a South Florida Native she said "this is a first", I've never seen snow before in South Florida. We both sat there and watched until it stopped. On the ground was a slight coat of white. Being from NY I had seen more then enough of the white stuff but seeing it on the ground and in the air in Florida was amazing. I had to step outside and let it hit me so I could brag about playing in the snow. Being my mom and dads 30th wedding anniversary I promptly called them at their Ft Lauderdale home and my mom immediately said "is it snowing there?"  I said can you believe it's snowing on your anniversary? We never forgot that date for both reasons. When I got on the Florida Turnpike I asked the lady giving me the ticket if the roads had been cleared, she said "I haven't heard that comment in at least 10 minutes" I lived in Coral Springs at that time and was a South Florida, (Coral Springs/Parkland) resident for over 30 years (1972-2002). That was the only day I could ever remember seeing a South Florida snowfall. I now live in Georgia and see snow usually once or twice a year." - Ken & Kathy Manfredi, Evans, Ga.

"I remember that day very well. I was 9 years old. I lived in Lauderdale Lakes Fl. I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. That morning my brothers and I were at the kitchen table, my mom was making oatmeal for us because it was so cold. My dad had already gone off to work, but he called my mom and said to her, "Well Jane. It’s happened.. Hell has frozen over. It’s snowing outside!" My mom looked out the kitchen window and was yelling for us to come look.. It was amazing there were actually snowflakes falling!.  Later while waiting at the bus stop with my 2 friends we were all talking about it and sticking our hands to catch the flakes and letting them fall into our mouth's.  None of us owned any real cold weather cloths so we were given mittens and scarves to wear from my one friends mom, they were from Wisconsin and had plenty of the stuff.  The friend from Wisconsin said that when we got home from school we would all go ice skating on his pool!!..He had ice skates for each of us. Imagine my disappointment when we got home to find the pool had not frozen over..lol..At recess at school we were allowed to go outside to "play in the snow" but by then it had stopped falling.. It’s a day I'll never forget and a day that my friends still laugh about, thinking we would ice skate on his pool!" - Barbara Da Costa, Team Captain-Deanna's Defenders, South Florida Chapter Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation