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World Cup final 2014 live: Argentina, Germany scoreless in extra time


Andruw Jones
Could Cardinals' system be the solution for Dodgers?
Could Cardinals' system be the solution for Dodgers?

BOSTON — The headline news was that Don Mattingly publicly told the Dodgers' owners that dating had gone on long enough. He told them to commit to him as their manager or else, and he took the risk of a nasty breakup. In other news Monday, the Dodgers dropped $28 million on a guy who never has played in the major leagues. It worked with Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu, each at greater cost, so the Dodgers get the benefit of the doubt on Cuban second baseman Alexander Guerrero. Within the baseball world, the Dodgers' latest cash outlay prompted a few snickers about the team's supposed transformation into a player-development machine, and the spending restraint that would go along with...