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NFL likely to start testing for HGH

NFL likely to start testing for HGH

addCustomPlayer('ldu593w6uwle1vqjtoag0z3qk', 'C6D065C213A84966E0440021281A8A86', '1v1r9d1mmu7k41cwv2la5jmy7d', 600, 418, 'perfldu593w6uwle1vqjtoag0z3qk-1v1r9d1mmu7k41cwv2la5jmy7d', 'eplayer15'); The NFL Players Assn. has told its members that the union "tentatively agreed" that 40 players will take blood tests for human growth hormone each week during the season, with a positive result drawing a four-game suspension. The NFLPA emailed players a memo in question-and-answer format Tuesday. The Associated Press obtained a copy. According to the email, players participating in NFL training camps this year will provide a blood...