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Puig brings it home, Dodgers defeat Nationals, 4-3

Puig brings it home, Dodgers defeat Nationals, 4-3

Throughout Yasiel Puig’s breathless journey with the Dodgers, which has at times seemed longer than parts of four seasons, fewer truisms have been uttered than this, from Manager Dave Roberts, on Wednesday night:

“There's something about Yasiel that's very fascinating,” Roberts said. “You love him but sometimes he leaves you scratching your head. You do not want to take your eyes off him because something might happen, good or not so good.”

He can be a lot to take in, at times. But you watch.

In the ninth inning, with the Dodgers down a run to the Washington Nationals and Howie Kendrick on first base, Puig singled. He rounded first, slowed...