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Randy Choate
Giants beat Cardinals, 5-4, on 10th-inning error
Giants beat Cardinals, 5-4, on 10th-inning error

For the second time in their last three victories, the San Francisco Giants won a postseason game on a crazy throw by the opposing pitcher. The Giants could not be more thrilled. This plays into their mythology, and maybe even gets into the heads of the guys on the other team. "We can score runs without hits," coach Tim Flannery said. "We've proven that." This is how the Giants won Tuesday: Brandon Crawford walked. Juan Perez tried to bunt, failed, then singled. Gregor Blanco bunted, and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Randy Choate almost threw the ball into San Francisco Bay. Crawford scored on the throwing error. The Giants won in 10 innings, 5-4, and they...