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Lakers drop close game to Milwaukee Bucks, 108-105
Lakers drop close game to Milwaukee Bucks, 108-105

Milwaukee Bucks 108 - Lakers 105 (end of regulation) The only true win for the Lakers on Thursday night in Milwaukee against the Bucks was a loss. Already out of the playoffs, the Lakers hurt their draft position with back-to-back wins over the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks. A 108-105 loss to the Bucks dropped the Lakers to 24-47, good for the sixth-worst record in the NBA. The Lakers are still within range of the Utah Jazz (23-49) and Boston Celtics (23-48). Brandon Knight led Milwaukee to a three-point win, scoring 30 points as the game's top scorer. The Bucks shot 55.7% from the field while taking 34 free throws to the Lakers' 18. Former Lakers guard Ramon Sessions...