Scottish voters rejecting independence from Britain
Darren Collison
Donald Sterling's loss is the Clippers' gain
Donald Sterling's loss is the Clippers' gain

He had previously suffered 1,529 losses as the incompetent owner of the most poorly run franchise in NBA history. It is, then, no small matter that Donald Sterling's latest defeat was his worst. In a stunningly fast and sweeping ruling by Judge Michael Levanas on Monday, Sterling's attempt to block the sale of his Clippers by estranged wife Shelly to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion was resoundingly trounced within about three breaths of the final arguments. Levanas didn't need a recess. He didn't need a conference. Moments after Donald's attorney Stefanie Cutler answered a final question, he had heard enough, and he pounced. He ruled that Shelly had acted...