Tyshawn Taylor

Jason Kidd's 'spill' costs him $50,000 fine from NBA

Jason Kidd's 'spill' costs him $50,000 fine from NBA

Brooklyn Nets Coach Jason Kidd has been fined $50,000 by the NBA for spilling a drink on the court in an attempt to delay the game. The Lakers held a 95-94 advantage over the Brooklyn Nets, who had no timeouts left, on Wednesday when Jodie Meeks was intentionally fouled with 8.3 seconds left in the game. After Meeks gave the Lakers a two-point lead, Tyshawn Taylor bumped into Kidd, who spilled a soda onto the court. Kidd was able to quickly diagram a play for his team as the spill was cleaned up. In a close look at the replay, Kidd can be seen saying "hit me" to Taylor. Meeks made his second free throw and Paul Pierce missed an open three-point attempt with 2.2 seconds...