Brevin Knight
Trimmed-down, grown-up Kaman comes into his own

Peeking through Chris Kaman's locker, pinned behind a crisp jersey, is a picture of a smiling Borat. Kaman isn't sure how or when the picture of the Sacha Baron Cohen character arrived. He saw the movie, thought it sometimes crude, sometimes funny. The picture hangs, so it must serve some purpose. And that's Kaman, 7 feet and a slimmed-down 255 pounds of go-with-the-flow persona. In many ways, Kaman, 25, is still an unassuming big kid. He shoots skeet at his Michigan home, says he doesn't care for rap music but gets caught reciting a Jay-Z lyric, and responds to a question of why he has no tattoos by asking, "Have you met my parents?" But those close to him...