Chris Maragos
Seattle's Percy Harvin has a big game
Seattle's Percy Harvin has a big game

addCustomPlayer('ldu593w6uwle1vqjtoag0z3qk', 'C6D065C213A84966E0440021281A8A86', '1d8hoptipn1hz16z2x41t35eg4', 600, 418, 'perfldu593w6uwle1vqjtoag0z3qk-1d8hoptipn1hz16z2x41t35eg4', 'eplayer15', {age:1382713101000}); EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Seattle Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin sat out most of the season after having hip surgery. Then he suffered a concussion and was not allowed to play in the NFC championship game. So how the Seahawks might deploy the speedy Harvin was something of a mystery going into Sunday's Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. Harvin made an immediate impact by carrying the ball twice for impressive...