Colin Wilson

Patrick Eaves completes rally by the Ducks

Patrick Eaves completes rally by the Ducks

All game long, Patrick Eaves went to the net to absorb the punishment players take when they venture into hockey’s hard-hat area.

Then Eaves went back in there for more abuse, and it was a microcosm of the sudden, newfound determination by the Ducks in the second half of Tuesday’s game.

Hockey karma repaid Eaves kindly.

He scored the only goal in the shootout, a snapshot in the fifth round that beat Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne for a 4-3 win at Honda Center.

“I’m usually a later-round shooter,” Eaves said. “I got called a little early tonight. I was just fortunate it went in.”

Fortune had nothing to do with the final 30 minutes, when the Ducks showed the...