Scottish voters reject independence from Britain


Jeff Robinson
Murals, a floor-to-ceiling fantasy
Murals, a floor-to-ceiling fantasy

IN the design empire of Los Angeles, where Modern is king and where clean lines and empty spaces have come to define so many castles, it's something of a surprise to see a resurgence of frescoes, murals and other painterly effects. But sure enough, Cher is working with designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard on new interiors that will include dozens of Buddhas and scenes of ancient India painted on the walls by Kelly Holden. Oliver Stone hired artist Nancy Kintisch, who cites Bette Midler and Candice Bergen as clients, to transform his dining area into a deep red, East Indian-style affair. Hutton Wilkinson, who carries on the work of legendary designer Tony Duquette's studio, is embarking...