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Suzanne Lenglen
At Wimbledon, tennis stars are still scoring points for fashion

SOMETIME last week, center court at Wimbledon began to look more like a fashion show than a tennis tournament. There was Serena Williams warming up in a chic, belted, white trench coat under cloudless skies, Roger Federer as Jay Gatsby in a white cardigan with an "F" insignia, and Maria Sharapova getting trounced in a sheer, pleated-front bib top and shorts. They call that a tennis tuxedo by the way, not a Tennessee tuxedo, and her opponent, fellow Russian Alla Kudryavtseva said afterward, "I don't like her outfit. Can I put it this way? It was one of my motivations to beat her." Ouch. All three ensembles were designed by Nike, and the tennis tux shirt, which I...