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Vin Scully

An avenue named Vin Scully

An avenue named Vin Scully

Far be it from me to begrudge Vin Scully, but when the City Council voted in January to rename Elysian Park Avenue in honor of the Dodgers' announcer, I was not on board. Elysian Park Avenue, after all, has been a street here for more than a hundred years; as Sallie W. Neubauer, past president of the Citizen's Committee to Save Elysian Park, explained in a letter to The Times, “In changing Elysian Park Avenue, the city has effectively wiped out any Elysian Park identification” from “the park's main thoroughfares.”

Neubauer's point is that the old street name is a last link to a disappeared Los Angeles, as old street names often are. Scully, of course is a last link also, not only to...