With touch screens becoming all the rage, it's no surprise that Toshiba's dual screen Libretto W105 just hit the markets in the U.S. It is a small lap top with two screens, one for typing and one for viewing. The typing screen is similar to that of the virtual keyboard on the ipad and the Libretto W105 can also function as a dual-screen tablet. The W105 became available in the U.S. on Monday (8/23) and can be purchased through pre-orders at Toshibadirect.com and is also available in select retail stores for $1,099.99.
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As cell phones and lap top technology advance and prove necessary in keeping up with modern culture, keyboards are rapidly becoming outdated. No one wants to type on something that resembles a typewriter; people want something more sleek and futuristic.

When I was younger, I mistakenly thought that the year 2000 was going to be filled with flying cars and Jetson-like houses and although technology is constantly advancing, I thought by 2010 gadgets and appliances would look more like they did in the sci-fi films I watched as a child. With the development of the iphone, ipad, and now the Libretto, the future of technology looks more like the fantasy I created when I was a kid.

As technology advances, do you think keyboards are outdated? Will all computers in the future be touch screen?