Travel Letters: Liberty Memorial's history-making day in Missouri

A very nice article about the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Mo. ["Moving Memorial, Piece by Piece" by Cynthia Mines, July 27]. If I could add, Gen. John J. Pershing was born in Laclede, Mo. The site dedication in 1921 was the only time that the military leaders of each of the Allied forces met together in public. Gen. Alphonse Jacques de Dixmude (a.k.a. Gen. Jacques) of Belgium, Adm. David Beatty of Britain, Gen. Armando Diaz of Italy, Marshal Ferdinand Foch of France and General of the Armies Pershing. A pretty big deal in those days. Steve Leonard Dana Point :: Duty-free bright spot Re: On the Spot by Catharine Hamm ["Duty-Free … Not Worry-Free,"...