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Varieties of kumquats, hybrids
Varieties of kumquats, hybrids

Kumquats * Hong Kong, or Golden Bean kumquat (Fortunella hindsii). The most primitive kumquat type, and the only one found growing wild, in southern China. The smallest citrus fruit, grown primarily as an ornamental. Fruit pea-sized, round; rind bright red-orange, thin; pulp very scanty, bitter and acid; two to four seeds fill the fruit. Rare in the United States, not grown commercially here. * Marumi, or round kumquat (F. japonica). Ancient Chinese kumquat type, called Luowen in China. Fruit small, round to slightly oval; rind thick, smooth, orange to yellow-orange, with prominent oil glands, intermediate between Nagami and Meiwa in sweetness; pulp can be dry or fairly juicy; one to six...