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10 top New Orleans spots to sip cocktails

Ten great places to enjoy one of New Orleans' favorite pastimes, the leisurely drink, and the cocktails they are associated with: 1. Napoleon House: Pimm's Cup. Sip the classic made from Pimm's No. 1 and fizzy lemonade at this 200-year-old bar where classic also means classical music in lieu of jazz. 500 Chartres St., French Quarter. 2. Old Absinthe House Bar: frappé. After absinthe's ban in the U.S., the local anise-flavored liqueur Herbsaint was substituted. Now, you can again order the frappé with absinthe -- or, for the less adventurous, Herbsaint. 240 Bourbon St., French Quarter. 3. Swizzle Stick Bar at Café Adelaide: Tequila Mockingbird II. Ask...