Wichita (Sedgwick, Kansas)
Book review: 'Bound' by Antonya Nelson
Book review: 'Bound' by Antonya Nelson

BoundA NovelAntonya NelsonBloomsbury: 232 pp., $25One pleasure of reading Antonya Nelson is that she brings the careful language and control of literary fiction to uncontrolled, rough-and-tumble lives. Mixing the admittedly bourgeois undertaking of meticulously crafted prose with working class grit is risky — it can devolve into condescension or cartoonishness — but Nelson, like Raymond Carver, strikes a remarkable balance.In "Bound," she turns her talents to a character study of three women who've crossed class lines. Catherine is a pretty, 40-ish wife in Wichita, Kan.; her husband, Oliver, is a successful local entrepreneur, decades older. Cattie is a teenager who leaves her...