Brooklyn Heights
Lena Dunham analyzes three episodes of 'Girls'
Lena Dunham analyzes three episodes of 'Girls'

— Lena Dunham finally moved out of her parents' house last year, buying a modest, one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights. It's her first place all her own, full of pillows and trophies, located on the top floor of an old building where Dunham is surrounded by elderly neighbors, people the 27-year-old creator and star of the HBO comedy "Girls" calls her "emotional demographic." "I love them," Dunham says, "though some of them are constantly consternated with me coming home at 10 p.m. They think you're a hooker if you're out past 9:30. That's something I've dealt with. 'You guys! I'm 27 and I'm home six hours before all my peers.'" Dunham's actual peers have turned "Girls" into one of...