Special Report: The FBI sting that tore apart a small town


Jacksonville (Indiana, Pennsylvania)
This is why we need gun control
This is why we need gun control

The violence at Isla Vista at the start of the holiday weekend grabbed the nation's attention. But so, too, did the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard last year. And in Santa Monica. And at Newtown, Conn., before that. And on and on. More than 11,000 people die of gunshots in the United States each year. Thousands more are wounded, and maimed. We tend to ignore the single deaths; the mass shootings are harder to overlook. Yet we still manage to forget them.  So here's a reminder of the cost of our abject inability to confront our cultural embrace of violence, and to move beyond the romanticized notion that an armed nation is a safe nation. And no, the answer, as the...