GOP-led House votes to sue Obama in first-of-its-kind lawsuit


Roanoke (Roanoke, Virginia)
There's been a cultural sea-change in Sacramento
There's been a cultural sea-change in Sacramento

People often ask me what are the biggest changes I've seen at the state Capitol since I began covering it half a century ago. Until recently, there wasn't a good answer. Now there is. Back in the so-called good old days — or even 20 years ago — you never would have seen two lesbians walking hand-in-hand down the Assembly center aisle, one en route to being sworn in as speaker. And you definitely would not have seen this same-sex married couple kissing at the podium in front of news cameras. Also, no one would have imagined that the young Latino organizer of a downtown Los Angeles march essentially defending illegal immigration — drawing 80,000, many of...