MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A day after the death of Josh Hancock, the St.
Louis Cardinals tried to move on. They had a game to play.
   But for Scott Spiezio, it was too much to handle. He told
manager Tony La Russa to pull him from the starting lineup Monday
   With Hancock's jersey hanging in the bullpen and Milwaukee fans
observing a moment of silence, the Cardinals went back to work,
trying to focus on the task at hand.
   "It's just one more thing that we have to deal with that people
don't want to," center fielder Jim Edmonds said. "But this really
doesn't make any sense."
   The Cardinals will wear patches with Hancock's No. 32 on their
sleeves for the rest of the season. Pitcher Tyler Johnson held one
of Hancock's jerseys during the national anthem and outfielder
Preston Wilson draped his arm around teammate So Taguchi's shoulder
in the dugout.
   La Russa did not open the Cardinals' clubhouse to the media
before the game against the Brewers. He warned his players to be
wary of the "insincerity" of media members who "have their own