TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- Campus police are investigating
vandalism of two black Greek houses at the University of Alabama,
including whether the incidents are connected and racially
motivated, a spokeswoman said Monday.
   Cathy Andreen said vandals threw eggs at the houses of Alpha Phi
Alpha fraternity and Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Thursday night
while many students were away at homecoming festivities.
   The vandals also tampered with lawn decorations at the AKA
house. The decorations were to be judged during a competition the
next day, but Andreen said she did not believe the meddling and
competition were related.
   "Certainly the University of Alabama finds this behavior
totally unacceptable and strongly condemns it, so we're taking
steps to find the person or persons responsible and taking steps to
clean up the houses," she said.
   Andreen said the University of Alabama Police Department is
asking anyone who might have seen or heard something to come
   Erica Sanders, AKA president and a senior majoring in chemical