So your sister has been kidnapped, but the police think you're crazy.

What is one to do?

That's the plot of the new film "Gone" opened in hometowns in our area Friday.

After telling police she was kidnapped and nearly killed, Jill now tells the police that her sister, Molly has now been abducted by the same man.

The police believe it's all in her head and this sends the hard-headed Jill out on her own to track down her sister before it's too late.

With no twists other than an inevitable and completely unsurprising one, and a climax that is excruciatingly lame, "Gone" really doesn't have much to offer, and is easily forgettable. 

In fact, the most exciting part of the film, was while eluding police, Jill runs a stop sign and then a red light. 

And not to ruin it for you, but at one point in the film, she opens a closet door, and a screeching cat jumps out. Whoa! 

The film just follows the determined sister, driving around from suspicious looking person to suspicious looking person asking questions that lead her to yet more suspicious looking people, like a Scooby-Doo mystery...only Scooby-Doo was a children's cartoon and it was awesome. 

The film is a suspenseful thriller, that is neither suspenseful, or thrilling, and the only time I found myself on the edge of my seat, was when I was waiting for "Gone" to be gone from the screen.   I thought "Gone" was not very good.

"Gone" is in theaters now and is rated PG-13.