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An L.A. May Day lament: It's too darn hot
An L.A. May Day lament: It's too darn hot

Ah, the first day of May! A time to bask in the splendors of spring, a time for maypoles and little girls with flowers in their hair and (if you're into that sort of thing) observances of International Workers' Day. Here in Southern California, we'd do well to bring some extra water no matter how we celebrate, since the temperature is forecast to reach 96 degrees in L.A. That's after highs of 90 Wednesday and 92 the day before. In other words, it feels like winter again! In January, the Los Angeles Basin saw a winter heat wave, with temperatures topping out at 90 in some places. On Nov. 13, it was 92 downtown. That day I remember getting in the car after being...