Statistically, the Chiefs have the best offense in AFC while 0-2. Are most of their points and yards coming late in the game? What do you see when you see them on film?

“It would be similar, yes. It would be. A lot of their yards are coming in a two-minute when they are in catch-up mode. At the same time, this is a team that is full of Pro Bowlers and they had a lot of injuries last year with their Pro Bowl talent. They are a lot to be reckoned with. They’ve done the same thing we’ve done, we have talent, they have talent, we need to eliminate turnovers and they need to do the same. Something is going to bust in this game.”


It is a priority to throw the ball downfield and to the wide receivers more this week?

“Yes. Anytime we can get a big play, we are looking for it. We call big plays. What Drew (Brees) does a good job of is he throws it to the open guy. If they are covering it (the big play), then he is going to check it down to the next guy. We are going to continue to call deep plays and big plays and if they are covered, we will check it down.”


Did Marques Colston regress with his foot injury?

“If you watched the game, he wasn’t Marques Colston in the game. You could say that hindered us a little bit, he didn’t run as fast as he normally does. He is resting it a little bit this week.”


What kind of impact are you hoping to have with Devery Henderson coming back?

“Devery Henderson is a big factor in our offense because of his speed. He blocks, he is physical, (and) he can catch the ball. He does so much that it is going to be a big impact having him back.”


When you look at the quarterback’s success in the first two games, how much would attribute that to not getting enough pressure on the quarterback?

“Definitely. When you are talking about those two quarterbacks we just played, they are very mobile and you have to make choices. You have to make choices that you are going to keep them in the pocket or you are going to blitz him and take a chance that he gets out of the pocket. The choice was made to keep him in the pocket and then you have to cover.”


So a lot of it was scheme the past couple of games?

“There were a few blitzes and you take your shots here or there. When we weren’t blitzing, it was important to keep him in the pocket.”


Has your philosophy changed season-to-season on how to use Darren Sproles in the running game?

“It has been more of the game situation on how to use Darren. Darren is a multi-faceted player. He is very good and efficient at running routes and catching the ball and running in space. He also does a good job in the running game. It just hasn’t come up to be honest. There are plenty of runs designed for him or he could be in on the same runs that the other guys are in. He is an inside-outside runner.”