The serial rapist preying on women in several neighborhoods in Brooklyn has stricken again. Police have added two more incidents and sources say yet another will be added, bringing the total to 9.

Two recent incidents took place on September 3rd and September 4th. The first occurred at 12:15am as a woman was approached from behind. The suspect put his hand up her skirt. When she screamed, the victim managed to scare off the suspect. The next day, at 3:45am police say he struck again. This time the victim was near her home and looking for her keys when grabbed in the neck from behind. The suspect tried to cover her mouth with his hand and tried to remove her underwear. When the woman managed to scream, her roommate and neighbors reacted, coming to her aid. The suspect, again, fled.

That brought to total number of cases plaguing the Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge sex-assault pattern to 8. And sources tell PIX 11 News and incident from last Thursday will likely also be attributed to the same man. On September 8th, a woman walking home on 12th street was also attacked from behind, she was knocked down to the ground as the suspect stuck his hand under her dress. As she fought back and screamed, scratching the suspect, neighbors came to her aid, and the suspect ran off.

Complicating the case, some say police have made mistakes along the way. The first attack in this pattern took place in March, in full view of a security camera. The NYPD reportedly declined to see the video when it was first told of its existence. The victim from the September 8th attack claims 9-1-1 was called, but the police didn't respond until days later. A police source tells PIX 11 they first received a call on the September 8th attack two days afterwards.

The Park Slope neighborhood has posters on nearly every block, warning residents of the danger. The multiple sketches vary, leading some to believe more than one person is responsible. One group has been created as a result of the spree, "Safe Slope." The group is planning a Take Back Our Streets Rally for Wednesday, September 14 at 8pm. Meeting at the Prospect Ave R stop at 17th street and 4th avenue.