The governor was not amused.

Gov. David Paterson's office lashed out at an impersonation of him on the final 2008 episode of "Saturday Night Live" that made him into a blind, bumbling, whack job with a drug problem that may (or may not) be classified as "a former one."

Paterson's spokesman, Errol Cockfield, released this statement late Sunday: "The governor engages in humor all the time, and he can certainly take a joke. However, this particular Saturday' Night Live' skit unfortunately chose to ridicule people with physical disabilities and imply that disabled people are incapable of having jobs with serious responsibilities. The governor is sure that Saturday' Night Live,' with all of its talent, can find a way to be funny without being offensive. Knowing the governor, he might even have some suggestions himself."

Cockfield said that Paterson had not seen the skit Saturday night, but in a rerun this morning.

So, how bad was this? As Amy Poehler -- who ended a pretty much splendid eight-year run on SNL -- began a mock-tearful farewell on her last "Weekend Update," Fred Armisen's Paterson stumbled in front of the camera, mumbling something about "circus tickets" -- a reference to Poehler's earlier joke about ordering "circus tickets" as code words for drugs.

And during his "Update" interview with Seth Meyers -- concerning his pick to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton -- Armisen as Paterson noted, "I'm a blind man who loves cocaine who was suddenly appointed governor of New York. My life is an actual plot from a Richard Pryor movie."

Amy? A great run, marked by Hillary, "Bronx Beat" and a dozen memorable impersonations. Fred Armisen? A much-criticized Barack Obama impersonation (even by Obama himself) and now an amusing/controversial rip of the new guv.

Who can wait for the rest of the season? Paterson probably can.