SOUTH BEND -- The job outlook for seasonal work for young people is looking up. But a new report shows teens and young adults may not be interested in getting a job.

According to the report put together by the outplacement company Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, many teens are deciding to dedicate their time to summer classes and school instead of work.

"We are seeing that more teens aren't looking for those typical summer jobs." John Challenger, CEO, Challenger, Gray and Christmas said. "I think things are looking up for teens, more employers are bringing teens on again since the last few years of the recession."

But the jobs that are available are still very competitive, Challenger says that's because older people are also applying.

"We're seeing 20-24 year olds compete for the jobs that teens once had for themselves we're also seeing retirees who want those jobs either as a way to keep on working and bring on a supplemental income or regular people trying to take on a second job." Challenger said.

Locally, many employers report not being able to find teens to hire.

The owner of Borders' Dairy Queen in South Bend says applications from teens have been virtually non-existent. 

"With teenagers, I'm not getting many applicants yet, not even during spring break, I need some kids who want to work and have fun." Lori Borders said. "All of the Dairy Queen owners are having the same problem."

The Mishawaka Parks Department is hiring more people, including teens, for seasonal work.  The department has already hired 110 people, 10 more than last year. The Parks Department reports receiving more applications from retirees as well.