Hartford Police have arrested the man they say struck Angel Arce Torres and left him for dead in the middle of Park Street.

Luis Negron, 33, of 461 New Britain Avenue in Hartford, was arrested Thursday morning in Hartford for driving with a suspended license and having tinted windows. Over a long course of questioning Negron reportedly confessed to driving the vehicle that struck Mr. Arce Torres.

The arrest and charges come just hours after funeral services were held for Arce Torres, who died from his injuries earlier this week. Arce Torres was struck nearly a year ago.

"Last night at the wake for my father, I asked him to help us, to help us find justice," his son Angel Torres said at an afternoon press conference following the arrest. "We buried him today, but I didn't know he was going to work that fast."

Negron is being held on $700,000 bond. He is charged with First degree Manslaughter, Evading Arrest, Reckless Driving, Passing in a No Passing Zone, Failure to Drive Right, and Driving With a Suspended License. He will be returning to court May 28th.

A prosecutor in the case remarked that the fact Negron never came forward after the accident was "not only callous, it was cold."

Angel Arce Torres was stuck by two speeding cars while crossing Park Street in May 2008. The accident left him paralyzed and requiring a respirator to breathe. Earlier this week his condition took a sudden turn for the worse, and his family agreed to take him off life support. The state medical examiner ruled his death was caused by pneumonia brought on by spinal cord injuries caused in the accident.

The case caught national attention as surveillance video showed Angel Arce Torres lying in the middle of the street while passing cars and pedestrians seemingly ignored him. The reaction of passersby raised questions about the decency of Hartford, and whether residents of the Capital City cared about their fellow man.

"Hartford does care. We have great citizens in this city, and without help from the community we couldn't have done this," said Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts, of today's arrest.

However it was not until Arce Torres' death this past week that information came forward with information leading to the arrest. Chief Roberts says that in the last 30 hours the department has been flooded with calls, and detectives have worked around the clock.

Chief Roberts says Negron was driving the car that struck Arce Torres head on during the accident. A car driven by Negron was towed following his arrest, however Hartford Police say it is not the vehicle involved in the accident. Police are still attempting to locate that car as well as the other car and driver that struck Angel Arce Torres.