One day after his 24th Birthday and two days, after police say, he caused an accident which took a young woman's life, Daniel Musser had his day in court. The Groton Navy man held his head down in a Norwich Courtroom after being officially charged with 2nd degree manslaughter, drunk driving, reckless endangerment and driving the wrong way on 1-395 in Montville. His bond was set at 300-thousand dollars.

Musser, who has been in the Navy for 4 and half years, said nothing during his court appearance but his attorney did call it a tragic accident.

Police say the sailor was driving drunk and the wrong way, without his headlights on, when he slammed head-on into a van full of Connecticut College students.The students were on their way to Logan Airport in Boston to catch a flight to Africa for a humanitarian mission.20 year old Elizabeth Durante, a pre-med student, was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to court documents, a Trooper at the scene said Musser's eyes were blood shot and there was a strong odor of alcohol.He told the trooper he had 4 to 5 drinks -- through out the night-- at Ultra 88, a bar at Mohegan Sun Casino.

Meanwhile, the driver of the van told the trooper he didn't see the car coming right at him until the car was about 25 feet away.

Governor Jodi Rell offered her condolences to the young woman's family calling it a terrible tragedy.It also has her re-thinking plans to allow 24-hour drinking at Connecticut Casinos as a way to bring in revenue for the State which is facing an almost projected 9 billion dollar deficit by next year!