Today I introduced a 14"piece of exercises equipment known by many different names such as the magic circle, the fitness circle and the exercises ring. It is a flexible ring, usually metal, with padded handles and measures about 14 inches in diameter. This TONING device is versatile and portable, and offers a great inexpensive workout. The price ranges from $20.00 to $75.00 depending on the brand.

The magic circle is not intended to provide a big resistance challenge. One does not pick up a magic circle and try to crush it inwards as far as you can, which, of course, is what most people initially try to do. That mistake must be avoided. Its purpose is to provide moderate resistance, assist in flexibility and help provide neuromuscular feedback & alignment during an exercise.
If you are investing in a ring, make sure to find one with pads on both the inside and outside of the ring. It allows for more exercises and helps you bring a focus to the outside of the leg as well. My personal favorite ring can be found at the following address:

The ring can be used between the hands for the arms, shoulders, back and chest. When using the hands, make sure to place the ring between the pads of the hands so that you can isolate the proper muscles for exercise execution.

Today however, we focused on the lower half of the body, specifically the inner thighs:

A. Ring between the inner thighs: (works the core, helps you lengthen the spine and works the entire inner thigh area). Place ring just above the knee on the inner thighs and squeeze the ring using the inner thigh muscles, not the quadriceps.
1. Seated in a chair or ball. Feet flat on the floor with knees bent at 90 degree angles.
2. Seated on the ground. Knees bent, feet on the floor
a. Variation- Lift feet off the floor to challenge the abs and inner thighs while balancing on the sits bones.

B. Ring around outer thigh: (works the core, helps you lengthen the spine and work the entire outer thigh)
1. Seated in a chair or ball
2. Lie with the spine lengthening on the ground and your legs lifted to the ceiling. Body will form a 90 degree angle. Place ring either around the ankle or outer thigh above the knee. Lengthen the legs to the ceiling, keeping butt and back on the floor and press the legs outward. Abs stay in the whole time and avoid pressing the upper back into the floor.

C. Lie on the side of the body. Place ring around the top ankle and bend the bottom leg for support. Allow the ring to hang from the top leg. Do not let the ring touch the ground. (Works the core, allows you to focus on the stabilizing muscles of the hip and strengthens the outer thigh.)
1. Move leg forward and back
2. Isolated leg lift in an up and down motion

I suggest 2 sets of 10 for all exercises.