"I've always predicted he would implode." Geist resident Steve Shea wasn't all that surprised when he heard Marcus Schrenker allegedly faked his own death crashing his plane in Florida.

"Marcus forged my signature on a document and we later confirmed it was not my signature," said Shea.

Shea met Schrenker years ago through a mutual friend and fellow neighbor.

"I'm a developer and I actually hired him to do some aerials of a project I was working on,"said Shea.

Schrenker ended up leasing office space in Fishers from Shea in 2004. That's when Shea says trouble with Schrenker began.

"We had some incidents were we finally had to have him vacated as a tenant," said Shea. "We evicted him."
Marcus owed Shea thousands of dollars in unpaid rent. Shea says Schrenker leased second floor office space in the complex adjacent to Fisher's neighborhood coffee shop Mama Bear's.

"He leased the space for six months at around $3,500 a month I think," said Shea. "Shortly after we evicted him my boat was missing from behind my house in Geist. Marcus was the key suspect."

Shea says his pontoon boat was totalled.

"The boat was taken down to the dam, hot wired police said, and then put full throttle over dam with nobody on it," said Shea. "He always did things in the cloak of night, in the dark, so he could never be pinpointed."

Police investigated, but told Shea they didn't have enough evidence to file formal charges. Shea says after he returned to his office space he found Schrenker had defecated on the floor.

Fox 59 found numerous Fishers and Hamilton County police reports where Geist neighbors said they'd been harassed by Schrenker. One report states Schrenker made a death threat against a neighbor.

"I was concerned for people's safety and children's safety," said Lisa Schofield. "There are lot of children that live here in this neighborhood."

Schofield says Schrenker piled four feet of snow on her driveway in 2005 so she and her husband couldn't get out. She says Schrenker had heard she had talked about Schrenker's bankruptcy with a neighbor.

"He made phone calls to our house and would hang up," said Schofield "There were hundreds of pages of faxes Marcus sent to my husband's office. I think there was more that could have been done by police."

Schofield says the Hamilton County deputy who responded to the snow pile incident dismissed her frustration with his response.

"He said to me Marcus was harmless and in financial ruin and desperate," said Schofield. "And my comment back to him was, desperate people do desperate things."

Hamilton County prosecutor Jeff Wehmueller says police reports on Schrenker's scuffles with neighbors and other reports did come across his desk. But he says in cases he reviewed there wasn't enough evidence to file charges.
Hamilton County Sheriff's spokesman Vicky Dunbar says neighbor disputes are hard to investigate.

Meanwhile, Steve Shea's pontoon boat was totalled after it sailed over the reservoir. No charges were filed against Schrenker or anyone else. Shea also believes Schrenker did more to get revenge after he got evicted from the office space.

"It was just craziness," said Shea. "He would open all the faucets and let em run all weekend. He would take the lids off toilets and stuff the tanks with paper towels so in the morning people would flush and they would overflow."

"The office was a mess," said Schofield whose husband also rented space in the Fishers complex.

"We actually had to install cameras outside bathrooms in the office part of the building. I went in with an officer after Marcus vacated and found someone had defecated on the floor," said Shea. "I believe it was Marcus."