Travel warnings, advisories and even some official states of emergency didn’t stop some drivers from venturing out onto the icy roads of central Indiana Wednesday morning.

In Boone county, authorities had issued a travel state of emergency. That means only emergency travel is advised. Other drivers could be pulled over and issued citations for violating the warning. Still, truck drivers like Terry Adams say they have no choice but to hit the highways.

“It’s bad. Like traveling on two inches of ice, with people not paying attention,” he said.

At the Marathon station located off I-65 in Whitestown, Cary Neath said it would take extreme measures to shut down her place of employment.

“Not unless they shut down I-65. No, we’ll stay open,” Neath said.

Police did have to shut down I-65 near the SR 267 exit during the morning commute. A jackknifed semi spilled fuel between the northbound and southbound lanes. Fortunately, the closure affected few drivers. Most had stayed home, except for folks like Terrance Dunbar, who had to drive his wife to work.
“Yeah, I wish they had closed it down for the day,” Dunbar said.

Boone County dispatchers say most area residents seemed to heed the warnings of local authorities. Wednesday morning’s rush hour was very light. However, they still reported up to 20 slide-off accidents in and around Lebanon.

No injuries were reported through the morning hours.