Louise Mingenbach - Costume designer for "Superman Returns," "X-Men," other Bryan Singer films, "Starsky & Hutch"

Jeffrey Kurland - Costume designer for several Woody Allen films, "Erin Brockovich," "Ocean's Eleven" and upcoming "Nancy Drew" and "Dallas" movies

Chat Highlights:
  • Landis plugs his "Masters of Horror" video:
    "But first, 'Deer Woman' on DVD June 27."

  • Mingenbach's First Meeting with Singer:
    "This nice kid came in wearing tennis shoes ... and I thought, 'What a sweet little PA keeping me company while I'm waiting for the big scary director to come in.'"

  • Mingenbach Explains Why Everything's So Brown in "Superman":
    "We wanted Superman to be the only blue, the only red and the only yellow in the film."

  • Kurland on Designing for "Collateral"
    "Working with [director] Michael Mann once is almost like working with him twice."

  • Nadoolman Landis Climbs on Soapbox:
    "Costume designers are really cultural anthropologists. We are the Margaret Meads of our time."

  • Mingenbach on Costume Design Advancements:
    "Spandex has come a long way since 1976."

    No Homeroom at the Inn

    A sardine-packed screening of the schoolteacher comedy "Chalk," shot in the fake "documentary" style of "The Office," had to turn away disgruntled wait listers (including me). The two scheduled screenings sold out so quickly, LAFF had to schedule a third screening next Saturday to accomodate the overflow. I plan to camp out early for that and see if it lives up to the hype.

    -- HN