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Let's start with the good news.

My email is up and working again and Email Watch 2007 has officially come to a close. Thank you for your support during this difficult time. As many of you pointed out, I really can't be allowed to go on vacation; bad things happen.

But now I can now communicate once again with you, my people. You are the only ones who will take my business on my theory that Ricky Schroder is being groomed as Jack's replacement on "24." (And by "take my business" I mean declare that you won't watch the show if that happens). You are the only ones who truly understand my sheer joy when watching Ian Ziering on "Dancing with the Stars" or why I clapped out loud when Drew Lachey made a surprise appearance on the results show last week.

You are the only ones who will join me in my panic about "How I Met Your Mother" not being picked up for next season (which by the way appears to be unfounded) or join me in a vigil for "Friday Night Lights" (wasn't that the most perfect season finale?). And you, my people, will comfort me now that it appears that "Veronica Mars" will definitely not be back for a fourth season (I'm not ready to discuss this possibility. But I can tell you the show will have a two-hour finale on May 22 and at this point the CW is still calling it a "season" finale).

I learned that you've had it with my constant ranting against "Prison Break." Annoyed that I don't discuss "NCIS" and "Supernatural" enough and that you are choosing to ignore the Sanjaya phenomenon happening over at "American Idol."

So now that we can communicate again, the time has come to talk about our Girls. "Gilmore Girls" returns this week with Logan visiting Stars Hollow and hope for all the Luke and Lorelai fans out there. For months I've received hundreds of emails from devoted fans who want an eighth season of "Gilmore Girls."

And even though this seventh season hasn't been as good as we know the show can be, I am on "The Great8Mandate" bandwagon. For seven years now, Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Richard, Luke, Sookie, Lane and the rest of Stars Hollow have been our friends. We deserve a proper farewell. Or as TV Gal reader Rebecca put it an "unrushed conclusion." I know much of the uncertainty is due to the fact that Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have yet to commit to an eighth season, but I still wish all of this could have been settled back in the fall.

As this season winds down, Rory will graduate from Yale (the season finale even features Rory's hero Christiane Amanpour) and Luke and Lorelai do seem to be on the road to recovery. But a show like "Gilmore Girls" should leave the airwaves with fanfare and go out with a bang not with a whimper. But that's nearly impossible now as an eighth season for the show is still up in the air so late in the season. And that makes me mighty cranky.

Between the "Gilmore Girls" situation, the likely cancellation of "Veronica Mars," and the shabby treatment of "7th Heaven," I am so totally in a fight with The CW. It is on. How about you? How are you feeling about the CW these days? Write me at and let me know.

Quotes of the Week

Well we do have some catching up to do. I've included some of the best quotes that I missed during my email lockout.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on." Kate to Juliet on "Lost." Jeff was the first one to submit this extremely popular quote.

"You're like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness." Dean to Sam on "Supernatural." Thanks to Sandy and Cassie for the quote.

"This may be the single most defining moment of my life, so you may need to tell your grandma to take the damn bus." Landry to Matt after Tyra asks to drive to the state championship game with him on "Friday Night Lights."

"What, you get a flat tire or was something more captivating on the telly, perhaps? Maybe that new show about superheroes?" Nigel to Woody after Woody doesn't visit Jordan in the hospital on "Crossing Jordan." Thanks to Karen for the quote.

"If I looked like you, I'd date myself." Christine to Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood) on "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

"Oh my God. Sesame Street is having a party." Kitty to Sara when they realize they're at a high school party on "Brothers & Sisters."

"I think you have a very good tactic at the moment: wear as least amount of clothes as possible." Simon to Haley on "American Idol."

"I'm not David, Tom, and I never will be. But I am learning that who I am is not so bad." President Palmer on "24." Please let Wayne live. Please let Wayne live. Please let Wayne live.