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Where's everyone going? Las Vegas, New York City, Cancún, Expedia says

Las Vegas, New York City and Cancun are top 2015 destinations for U.S. travelers, Expedia says.

Even if you haven't firmed up your vacation plans this year, chances are you're going to Las Vegas, New York City or Cancún, Mexico.

That's the word from online travel company Expedia, which looked at departures from nine major U.S.  airports in determining travel trends for 2015.

The resort town of Cancún on the Yucatán peninsula has topped several popular cities list. Last year, it beat out London and Paris as a top destination for U.S. travelers in an analysis by

Los Angeles travelers are heading to top destinations Cancún, New York City and Las Vegas, in that order. After that, Angelenos' favorite places include Honolulu; Orlando, Fla.; Kahului on Maui; San Francisco; Vancouver, Canada; and Chicago.

New Yorkers' top destinations are Miami, Cancún and Orlando. San Franciscans prefer Las Vegas, Cancún and New York City.

The Expedia analysis also found something else about American fliers: They're more likely to buy premium seats than in past years. Europeans and Asians buy 11% of their airline tickets in premium class, compared with 6% of Americans.

The report also said the price gap between premium and economy seats is decreasing. It now costs about 89% more to travel in a premium class than economy, down from 138% in 2012.

One other insight: Don't hold out for last-minute deals.

Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corp. found that domestic travelers save the most money on airfares by buying well in advance--50 to 100 days--of your departure. Buying tickets more than three weeks in advance saves between $195 and $225 on airfares, the report says.

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